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Rocking cat toy

how to make


Please be careful cutting, The plastic can easily give and your knife or scissors may slip, Cut the capsule from the inside and on a suitable cutting board.



It starts with a egg, a Kinder surprise egg.


Make two hole in the upper lid, you can use scissors to puncture holes.


For the ears, I used some felt but any fairly thick fabric should work.


Cut this shape out of your fabric. This will be threaded between the holes to make the ears.


On some coloured card on paper draw the nose and whiskers, I used the back of some painted paper.


insert the nose and whiskers

Dinni's name at the moment



I got some stickers for the eyes, I used a marker pen to colour them a darker colour. I avoided using ink and paint on the plastic because it easily comes off.


Use a marble sized clump of blue tack and a coin to weigh the capsule down. secure this with a good push into the bottom. This might need some fine tuning, just to get the weight right.


...and there you go. A ROCKING cat toy.


You could put some catnip in or a bell, even a few seeds to make a noise when rocking and rolling.

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