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This is Dinnington, Dinni for short, named after a place Natalia saw in South Yorkshire in England (the name came before Dinni). He is two years old and lives as a house cat. Although he is very happy, I am internally guilty to his happiness. This is why we want to enrich his life as much as possible.


Here are a few photos of him, we wont bore you with loads of them, although thats hard to do.


Dinni has many names, his latest is prawn boy (It's the way he lays around).


These are some of his past names


Fileck, Minka, Good boys, Flat boys, Acid head,  Dr Mr Binx. alanis, Mr  Morissette, Prawn king, Little piglet, Rat boy, Dinski, Vanilla kid, Milly vanilla, Millennium boy, Dr No, Abix, Mr Miyagi, Dedouch, Aimian, Little Digger, Abby, Abby vet, Seebush, Seebush Senior, C.B. S.B, Cbees, Dinni fread, Baby bird bath.

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